63 Tiny Home Tweaks that Make a Huge Difference

unnamed-6A common question (and fair struggle) that pops into my inbox over and over again is this:

“I want to change my space so badly!

BUT: I just don’t have the time or money. Help!”

I hear you! When we take a hard look at our space — and get excited about making some changes — it can feel overwhelming, fast.

But here’s the thing: you really don’t have to spend tons of time OR money to shift your space in a big way.  In fact: it’s often the teeny-tiny tweaks we make in our home that add up to make a big, beautiful difference.

To get you started (and to inspire your own ideas!), I want to share dozens my favorite tiny tweaks that will make a huge impact in your home. They’re categorized by the things you might be craving (more organization, more beauty, more coziness, etc.) Best of all: each one only takes a few minutes — and many of them are free (or close to it!)

Say goodbye to your overwhelm … and lets start making those little home shifts today!

To Get Organized + Clear…

  • Arrange your shampoo/beauty product bottles in a visually pleasing way.
  • Fold or roll your towels in a pretty way
  • Straighten your bedside table
  • Find a fun way to display your jewelry
  • Refold the items in your dresser drawers (think: tank tops, sweaters, etc.)
  • MAKE YOUR BED! (“A messy bed = a messy head.”)
  • Clean underneath your bed (sweep or vacuum, too!)
  • Edit 5 items from your closet that you no longer use or love
  • Replace dead light bulbs
  • Clean out your fridge: inside (toss old food) and outside (remove outdated notes, pictures, reminders, etc.)
  • Empty and organize your junk drawer
  • Straighten and organize your Tupperware
  • Clean out your pantry
  • Sort through your pens: throw away any ugly, chewed, broken, or dead ones
  • Go through the house looking for any old junk mail that may have gotten tucked away … and recycle it
  • Throw out any old, worn dish towels
  • Tidy the books on your shelves

To Beautify + Awaken Your Senses…

  • Place fruit in a colorful bowl on the counter
  • Add a lavender sachet to your lingerie drawer
  • Open your shades, blinds, or windows (especially in the morning!)
  • Pick wildflowers and arrange them in a surprising spot like your bathroom counter
  • Put those bags of spices, herbs, or grains into lovely, display-worthy glass jars.
  • Make your home smell fabulous: spray essential oils, boil some water with rosemary and lemon, or light that candle you never do
  • Paint one wall a fresh color
  • Try a new dishwashing detergent or hand soap (so you smell something new and lovely)
  • Fluff your couch cushions and throw pillows
  • Play music to set the mood
  • Get a fun doorknob (or two!)
  • Change your doorbell chime
  • Hang a beautiful tapestry on the wall

To Get Cozy, Comfy + Peaceful…

  • Buy a soft rug and put it by the side of your bed so your feet touch something luxurious first thing in the morning
  • Add a space heater to chilly rooms
  • Add a throw blanket within arm’s reach of a cozy spot
  • Use a humidifier at night
  • Get some soft slippers to wear around the house
  • Spritz essential oils on your pillow before bed
  • Get an eye mask you love (to block out light at night or for naps)
  • Fill a little basket with everything you need for a luxurious bath (candles, a book, bath salts, etc.) and then use it!
  • Make a little nook for quiet reading, knitting, journaling, etc.
  • Get a Himalayan salt lamp, mini-water fountain, or rock garden for a side table
  • Replace light bulbs with a softer wattage in your cozy spots

To Spice Things Up + Break Out of a Rut…

  • Move your bed to new position in the room
  • Change your bed linens or blanket (it shifts the feel of the whole room!)
  • Replace the photos or artwork on display with new or updated ones
  • Rotate the art on your wall to a new place
  • Rearrange your furniture for better flow or lighting
  • Swap out the throw pillows on your couch or chairs
  • Place a lamp in a dark corner to brighten it
  • Dance!!
  • Change your window treatments (home depot is a great place for affordable options!)
  • Replace your shower curtain

To Connect with Your Spirit, Self, and Home…

  • Arrange a little spot for quiet reflection or conversation (with chairs, cushions, soft lighting — whatever you need)
  • Invest in a good pair of noise-cancelling headphones so you can always find a quiet spot (especially good to drown out street or construction noise and/or for moms with a house full of kiddos running around!)
  • Light a few candles
  • Take a moment to set an intention for yourself and your space
  • Create a little “altar” with photos of your family, a little Buddha statue, or whatever is deeply meaningful to you
  • Tour your home and find one way you can rearrange things for better flow
  • Take the time to set the table for dinner: use cloth napkins, a tablecloth, candles, etc.
  • Make and display some artwork: a painting, frame a poem you love, display your wedding vows, etc.
  • Have a “house blessing” (more on what this is and how to do one to come …)
  • Set loving intentions for the use and purpose of each room in your home
  • Make your front door or entryway more welcoming: repaint it, place a plant or water element, or get a beautiful welcome mat
  • Make a beautiful label with your name on it and stick it on your mailbox

Fun, simple stuff, right? I hope you try a few of these out … or get inspired to think up your own small changes.

In the Comments Below… What tiny tweaks have you made in your home that have made a big difference?

Wishing you a beautiful week.

Sending Love,

P.S. If you found this list useful I would love for you to share it with your friends!

27 Comments on “63 Tiny Home Tweaks that Make a Huge Difference

  1.  by  Steph Cowling


    These tips are wonderful!
    Thank you so much.

    All the best,

    •  by  Rebecca McLoughlin

      So glad they were helpful Steph! Thanks for stopping by!

  2.  by  Mary

    Thanks Rebecca for these great tips/ideas! These tiny small steps can lead to big changes over time!! Awesome:)
    Have a great day!:)

    •  by  Rebecca McLoughlin

      Hi Mary! You are so welcome and they definitely can! Which one are you going to try first? Thanks so much for saying hello.

      •  by  Mary

        Will try refolding clothing in dresser drawers and cleaning underneath my bed!
        Both doable and not too time consuming!:)

    •  by  Rebecca McLoughlin

      Yay! So glad you enjoyed it Kelley! And I love your idea of printing the list. So smart. Be sure to let me know how it goes!

  3.  by  Ashley

    Love this, earlier this month, I rearranged the furniture in our office and guest room. It was amazing how much better the energy felt in both rooms. I think I now need to update our cushions on our couches and actually light some of our candles.

    •  by  Rebecca McLoughlin

      Hi Ashley! That is so wonderful about your office and guest room. Moving furniture is one of my favorite things to do. It really makes such a difference and can change up the energy in such a big way. Enjoy picking out new cushions and lighting some candles! Hope you are well and thanks so much for your saying hello!

  4.  by  Laura Arevalo

    These are great suggestions…I am committed to taking one suggestion a day from the list…

    •  by  Rebecca McLoughlin

      So awesome Laura! Enjoy and be sure to check back in and let me know how it goes!

  5.  by  Jill

    I am going to print out this list, post it on fridge and get going! Thank you for a jump start before spring rolls around.

    •  by  Rebecca McLoughlin

      You are so welcome Jill! Have fun and I would love to hear how it goes!

  6.  by  Jilly

    Love this list! I light candles and smudge with white sage and wheatgrass to keep the energy fresh in my little home. I am going to go arrange my shampoo in the bath and change the bedding right now! Thank you!!

    •  by  Rebecca McLoughlin

      Hi Jilly! Candles, white sage and wheatgrass….SO beautiful and incredibly useful for keeping the energy fresh. Thanks so much for saying hello!

  7.  by  Rachel

    Fantastic list, Rebecca, and good to read after a loooong day. I have started some of the spiritual refreshment tips (‘create mini-altars’) but there are so many more possibilities fizzing round my head after reading your (now bookmarked) post. Thank you so much :-)

    •  by  Rebecca McLoughlin

      You are so welcome Rachel and thanks so much for your sweet comment! Love that you are feeling so inspired. Enjoy and be sure to check back in and let me know how it goes!

    •  by  Rebecca McLoughlin

      You are so welcome Alyson! Enjoy and thanks so much for stopping by!

  8.  by  Gracy Obuchowicz

    Thank you Rebecca! These tips are clear and potent. I think real self care begins by realizing that you are worth of beauty. Making your surroundings beautiful is an important step in this process.

    •  by  Rebecca McLoughlin

      I couldn’t agree more Gracy! Beauty is vital to our health and and well being but unfortunately something so many of us often put on the back burner for various reasons. Have you read my post about this? “Are you starved for beauty? How to know and why it matters.” Here is the link http://bit.ly/1vc9fzr. Would love to hear your thoughts. Thanks so much for your comment!

  9.  by  Jurgita

    Thank you so much for the inspiration and your work, Rebecca! I just discovered you, and love every single idea and blog post of yours! It’s as if you are speaking my mind. :) I love beauty, harmony, style, simplicity, and it is extremely easy to connect with all you are saying. In fact, there are so many things I have already applied in my life (and it was funny to watch myself reading – oh, I just did this & that too!). I was forever wondering, in what job I could apply my personal qualities. And apparently, there are ways! What a wonderful work you are doing. Thank you once again and have a beautiful & inspiring week ahead!

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