Discovery Session

What’s your relationship with your space?
Begin your inner ↔ outer transformation.

What story is your space telling about you? Is it accurate? Does it reflect the real you? Does it feel amazing, a little off — or completely overwhelming? Is it welcoming you into the next chapter of your life — or keeping you stuck in an old one?

Join me for an initiation to this work of interiors and inner worlds.

Depending on your needs and goals, we may focus on:

  • Understanding how you relate to your space — and how your space is affecting your life.
  • Exploring your space through all five of your senses — and creating opportunities to delight them all.
  • Identifying the core blocks between you and a healthier relationship to your space — and how to shift them.
  • Experiencing inspiration, hope, can-do-it simplicity, and an invitation to take exquisitely good care of yourself.
  • Brainstorming lots of ideas about how you can shift your space, and identifying the 2-3 highest-leverage actions.

We’ll begin right where you are. Gently, honestly, and lovingly. We’ll explore your inner world with open minds and open hearts. I come to every session with a sense of reverence and play.

A Discovery Session is perfect for you if:

  • You’d love a good brainstorming session with a caring pro.
  • You want deeper insights and need some help unblocking them.
  • You’re ready to infuse your space with more you, and need some inspiration.
  • You’re excited by these ideas, want to incorporate them into your life, and need help knowing where to begin.
  • You’re curious about this work and want a small but potent introduction to it.


Our session includes:

  • An extensive intake questionnaire, completed in advance. You will begin your own conversation about your space — and I will know exactly where to begin our work together.
  • One 90-minute conversation via telephone or Skype. We’ll journey together through your inner world and your interior home space. It will be gentle, nurturing, and illuminating.
  • Your personal illumination guide, a brief wrap-up document summarizing my main highlights from our call, along with 1-2 specific action steps you can begin taking right away.

Your investment:

Ready to uncover what’s happening between you and your space?
Let’s get started!

Contact me to schedule your own Discovery Session.

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