About Me

I am an interior life designer. I guide people through life transformations by helping them create a new, more meaningful and authentic relationship with themselves and their space.

Creating a conscious relationship with our space is the most elegant path I’ve found to transforming our whole lives.

Life is a continual process of reinvention and recreation. By integrating beauty and personal meaning within our spaces, we’re able to ride the waves of inevitable life change with greater ease, clarity, presence and flow.

My Philosophy

I believe the space around us reflects the space within us.

I believe that beauty heals, meaning empowers, and authenticity liberates. My work bridges our inner worlds and its exterior expression. Inside-out and outside-in.

When we bring our inner and outer worlds into alignment, we get clear and create spaces that reflect where we are now and support where we are going. But many of us our stuck. And we can not do it alone. This is where I can help.

Thanks to my therapeutic training, I’m able to guide you through the emotional aspects of this deeply transformative work.  My coaching expertise directs the actionable next steps, as you move towards actualizing your vision.  And my eye for design ensures the most beautiful expression of your personal transformation.

I love people.

Whether we’re working together or chatting over dark chocolate, you can expect deep listening, sparkling inspiration, and nurturing reassurance.

I love the intimacy of common ground and the excitement of fresh possibilities. I love harvesting the beauty on the other side of chaos. I love the glow of a woman, man, couple or family recreating their life from a place of intuition and self-love.

I believe that the most challenging cycles of life offer the most potent opportunities to grow into the fullest, deepest, richest versions of ourselves.



My Story + My Spaces

I had a laughably messy room in college. Replete with the mile-high pile of laundry and dishes molding in the sink. My occasional cleaning frenzies were motivated by embarrassment and perfectionism (not self-love) and always left me exhausted and shameful. From the outside, my life looked pretty put together — but inside my heart and inside my home everything felt confused and overwhelming.

As I delved into my own personal growth, my space changed. I ruthlessly edited what no longer belonged. Old objects, beliefs, patterns and priorities. I cleared out an old storage locker and in turn resolved and let go of old issues that had been holding me back from the new life I dreamed of.

Next, I filled the open space in my home with colors, patterns, furniture, and art that represented who I truly was and the life I wanted to live. I brought in love birds to welcome a new relationship. I made my space even more luxuriously comfortable for myself and my friends. I used color, music, and lighting to lift my energy and motivate myself. And I hosted parties to celebrate everything that was shifting. In short, I expressed my interior personal growth through the authentic design of my home.

Things began to shift. I started dating for the first time ever, lost 15lbs and began to experience myself and my life as truly beautiful.

Creating this authentic personal space catalyzed a deep transformation. Both inside-out and outside-in. And this transformation supported me and propelled me forward in every area of my life.

I soon noticed the impact of space in my professional life, as well. As a personal trainer and then Pilates instructor, I noticed how workouts in different rooms shifted my clients’ relationships with their bodies. In my therapeutic work as a grief counselor at hospice, I watched over and over again how a cozy blanket, beautiful flower arrangement or soothing room colors supported the wellbeing of my clients and their families through their transitional time. I realized that our spaces affect us: as individuals but also as families and communities.

Today, space is an integral and joyful part of my life. My husband and I have created a functional, beautiful space that authentically reflects who we are and where we’re headed. I’ve walked the path of finding out who I am, and have created spaces that reflect this back to me.

I now have a home where I can live, breathe, grow and celebrate. This is what I can teach you.

And: I am not perfect and know that this work is never done. Beautiful living is not static. More transformations and transitions await us. In the meantime, I’m grateful to have discovered this vital relationship with my space that I know will help me through the inevitable storms and celebrations ahead.

Want to learn more about working with me? Contact me to set up an initial chat. Over a favorite sparkling beverage, naturally.

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