How to Do a House Blessing, Part 1: The Why and The When


A few weeks ago, I ever-so-simply alluded to the concept of a Home Blessing (in this post) … and before I knew it, I had dozens of people reaching out to me, intrigued and wanting all the details: What is it? How do you do one? Why do they work? Etc.

How amazing! I love that you are so interested in this idea … and I’m SO excited to share what I know with you. I’ve done a number of Home Blessings in my own life, at different times, for different reasons, on tiny and grand scales. And each one has been uniquely beautiful, deeply meaningful, incredibly supportive.

So … what exactly IS a Home Blessing?

Caveat: there are zero hard-and-fast rules to the how, when and why of a home blessing. Your ritual and mine might look completely different, and will probably serve very different purposes.

That said, we might define a Home Blessing as …

  • A ritual in and for your home meant to give physical expression to a deep, meaningful truth, desire or vision
  • The naming of the intention for the physical space to become the container for the health and development of the people and/or family living there.
  • The process of moving a home from a structural place into a sacred space.
  • A blessing designed to honor something, release something, or invite something new in.
  • A set or series of actions, performed with presence and clear intention.

Rituals are profoundly supportive … and sorely missing in our culture.

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Rituals tie together our inner and outer worlds. They call forth that which is longing to be unfurled, from deep within ourselves. They give structure, form, and physical expression to our growing edges and tender desires. They clear out the old, get us current with reality, and invite in the new. They invoke, honor, celebrate, support, release, and transform.

As I’ve said before, our homes reflect our inner world, make the intangible tangible, and are, in some way, the physical extension of our bodies. They hold enormous sway over our mood, our self-identity, and our ability to flow and change with ease.

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Naturally, your home is a beautiful, and apt place to hold a powerful ritual such as a home blessing.

When to Do a Home Blessing…

Truly, there’s no wrong time to do a home blessing: you can experiment with one anytime you like….But, there are a few times, events, and moments where you may find a home blessing particularly useful such as:

  • Moving into a new home
  • Celebrating a new season
  • Gaining (or losing) a roommate, family member, friend, or loved one
  • Kicking off a new phase in your life
  • The beginning, middle, or end of a big life transition (career change, relationship shift, motherhood, etc.)
  • The end of a big remodel/redecoration/edit
  • When you’d like to release something from your life OR call forth something new.

Stay Tuned: Next week, I am going to get specific and practical about how to design your own, personalized Home Blessing. Meanwhile, I want to invite your to start visioning and dreaming a little…

Reflections for Your Home and Heart

Share in the comments below or explore in your journal.

In Your Heart: What does “ritual” mean to you? How does it show up in your life?

In Your Home: If you were to perform a Home Blessing today, what would your intention be? What needs releasing, celebrating, or honoring in your life?

Sending love,


One Comment on “How to Do a House Blessing, Part 1: The Why and The When

  1.  by  Beatrice - Mademoiselle Nomad

    I love this! Rituals are so important, it’s true that we don’t often do them anymore. I have rituals that help me enjoy the beauty of life – like having a cup of tea in my special pretty mug, having a fresh orange every morning to start the day bright and perky. Thanks for sharing those awesome tips on your blog. I am looking forward to reading part 2! xx

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